Milling spindle


KESSLER supplies electric drive for effective forestry work

For our customer KONRAD Forsttechnik we developed a powerful torque motor external rotor that works as a motor and generator at the same time. It is used for modern forestry work with cable lines. This type of logging is particularly suitable in rough terrain and ensures optimal uphill and downhill operation. Together with our customer's modern control technology, the unwinding force is adjusted according to demand. This means that no energy is wasted. The E-LINER EL40-2 operates almost silently and requires low maintenance. We are proud to be part of this innovative timber harvesting machine and are already looking forward to new projects for effective timber harvesting in difficult terrain.

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KESSLER-drive transports more than 2000 people per hour

Bartholet Maschinenbau AG, a KESSLER customer since 2018, recently commissioned a gondola system in the eastern Chinese mountain range of Laoshan, which had to meet the highest standards already in the design phase: Besides a view to the Laoshan Mountains that is as limitless as possible, another key criterion for the customers was the quiet and speedy transport of more than 2.000 people per hour. Thanks to the gondola with integrated glass floor designed by the "Porsche Design Studios", the result offers the desired, impressive insights into the nature of the Laoshan region. The decision of using our powerful KESSLER torque motor, which will in future transport the passengers over 220 metres in altitude in just 3.5 minutes, makes it now possible that these impressions can be enjoyed by the passengers as undisturbed as possible. We are proud to achieve a travel speed of 5 metres per second with our low-noise drive and are pleased to be part of a direct contribution to clean, sustainable and future-oriented mobility solutions.

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Kessler supplies torque motors for efficient suction power under water

Kessler torque motor drives milling- and suction heads in auger dredgers and cutter suction dredgers , to suck up mud and soil. These machines are implemented in dredging rivers, industrial harbours, as well as canals, lakes, lagoons and dams. They provide an important contribution to environmental protection, by removing contaminated soils through pumping the sludge ashore for further processing, dewatering, storage and disposal. For these applications, Kessler’s torque motor has a torque of up to 25.00 Nm, a speed ranging between 25rpm – 90rpm and an ouput of up to 79 kW.

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18 new apprentices at KESSLER

On the 01 September 2021, 18 apprentices started their industrial, technical or business management training at KESSLER. We are very pleased, that we have allured motivated and committed young people, thirsting for knowledge for our company. We wish our trainees a good start into furthering their development with lots of scope for creativity, responsibility and initiative. 

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Cable car drive in Le Corbier

A 340,000 Nm KESSLER motor drives the cable car in the Le Corbier ski resort in the French Alps. 7 million euros have been invested in the construction of a new detachable 6-seater chairlift. With the new ski lift, tourists now arrive much faster at the mountain station, which is located at an altitude of around 2,400 meters. The chairlift is also more comfortable, more energy-efficient and quieter than its predecessorOver the past three years, a total of 27 million euros has been invested in the modernization of the cable cars in the Les Sybelles ski resort. 


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