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End-to-end precision from the
components to the on-site service

Founded in 1923 by Franz Kessler, the company has developed to become the leading supplier of motor spindles as well as directly driven 2-axis heads and rotary tilt tables for the machine tool industry. KESSLER is proud to list many major companies from the mechanical engineering sector amongst its long-standing customers.  

With the expertise of 100 years, the KESSLER Group is continuously developing and optimizing its products. The KESSLER product range serves a wide range of sectors, processes and applications. Close cooperation with our customers remains our key focus. The extensive product range, from high tech spindles, 2-axis heads, rotary and rotary tilt tables to motors and direct drive systems, enables KESSLER to implement customized solutions with speed and flexibility. 

Service is a matter of trust. Rely on us as your trusted service partner: KESSLER has an established global network of technology and service centres.

The Company
  • Customer-oriented. An internationally successful company with extensive and highly specialized expertise, we provide comprehensive advice about the design and manufacture of individual components and project management of complex system solutions.
  • Measurable. We use the very latest technology and analytical processes to test our components under realistic conditions, so that our products help your business to stay flexible and maintain its competitive edge.
  • Sustainable. With more than 600 employees, the KESSLER Group is currently Europe's biggest spindle manufacturer. We are passing our knowledge on to the next generation of experts and support this with advanced training programes in our state of the art learning academy, with 10% of the total workforce currently in training.
  • Holistic. Our in-house development division is supported by extensive calculation and analysis expertise and covers all aspects from drive technology to the construction of all-in-one systems. Furthermore, optimized production and assembly lines provide the framework for stable processes and the superior quality of our products.
Spindle technology:
For all areas of application

HC line

  • Heavy cutting
  • Aerospace titanium machining
  • Processing of large-scale parts

V line

  • Vertical installation
  • Tilting
  • Allrounder

MT line

  • Very short construction
  • Used in tilting heads for turning and milling operations

H line

  • Horizontal installation
  • Very short acceleration and braking times


PC line

  • High speed
  • High power
  • High accuracy

+ Special-purpose solutions
System technology:
One-stop system solutions

KESSLER Head line

  • 1-axis heads
  • 2-axis heads
  • Special-purpose solutions

KESSLER Table line

  • 1-axis rotary tables
  • 2-axis rotary tilt tables in modular design
  • Multi-axis special-purpose solutions



Drive technology (KESSLER energy)
Standard motors
  • Asynchronous motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Torque motors
  • Linear motors
Special motors
  • Asynchronous motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Torque motors
  • Linear motors
Direct drive systems
  • Integrated motor systems
    with bearings and
    system according to
    customer requirements
Worldwide service
  • Expertise directly from the manufacturer
Express repairs*
  • in 5 – 10 days
Field Service
  • Efficient on-site support
Spare part management
  • Worldwide access to original spare parts

Technology Center / Analyses
  • under operational conditions
  • For maximum precision and performance
  • Perfect maintenance for optimum performance
Spindle maintenance case
  • Everything you need for testing and
    maintaining your spindles

*All information according to variation and availability