KESSLER 2-axis head

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Two-axis heads with KESSLER spindles and motors
Intelligent systems: KESSLER heads think ahead – Head line

Applications with high requirements need a reliable partner. KESSLER 2-axis heads provide a compact and rigid design with high flexibility for numerous applications within your machine.

KESSLER’s latest torque motor generation achieves a high dynamic which is required especially when milling very intricate and narrow workpiece contours.

High positioning accuracy, high clamping force and a large tilting angle ensure that precise results are achieved in 5-axis machining.

KESSLER also offers compatible spindles for use with our 2-axis heads, to fulfill your machining needs.

Experts for simultaneous machining

The right head for every position:
KESSLER 2-axis heads available from MINI to MEDIUM + Quick Axis Change (QAC)


Compact and highly dynamic.
The entry-level model for processing high-strength aluminium alloys and composite materials. With a fitting diameter of 335 mm and upwards, the MINI 2AH supports a highly compact tool machine design.


Bestseller for numerous application options.
This ultrafast and highly efficient professional choice achieves a speed of 20,000 rpm (MT) for steel and composite machining, and a maximum of 30,000 rpm for aerospace applications. Spindles with a torque S1 of up to 200 Nm can be used.


High-performance machine.
The large and highly dynamic MEDIUM 2AH impresses with performance high chip removal rate and precise results whilst machining steel, with spindles up to 400 Nm torque S1.


Power solution for heavy cutting requirements.
Large-scale 2-axis head for powerful operation with spindles up to 1,200 Nm torque S1, for effortlessly mastering the machining of challenging materials such as titanium Inconel.

The most powerful 2-axisheads in their class
  • Individual configurability due to modular design
  • Reliable skilled partner - for 2-axis heads, spindles and motors
  • High clamping torque in the C-axis
  • High maximum torque
  • High accuracy Secondary cooling in the C-axis reduces the heat input in the headstock to a minimum
  • Very maintenance friendly Wear parts can be easily replaced on site
  • Spindles are optionally available with shaft clamping for turning operations
  • Robust design with monolithic fork
  • Precise machining results - due to high positioning accuracy
  • High flexibility - and suitability for numerous applications
  • High productivity due to high tilting speed
  • High clamping torque in the A-axis
  • High dynamics due to the newest generation of powerful COOLMOTION® motors
  • High degree of operational safety thanks to LEDs due to optimal illumination of the tool intervention
  • High productivity thanks to high-torque motor spindles
  • With new spindle-generation MT + P LINE
  • With Quick Connect Cartridge (QCC)*

*does not apply to MT80 and MT600