To us, expertise is not a condition, it is a process

KESSLER has brought together design, production and quality assurance at one location.
As a creative partner in the machine tool industry, we are familiar with our customer's requirements and are able to transform them into results.
We are in permanent contact with our customers to build exactly the components they need. We not just a supplier, we are partners in development and providers of solutions.


… develops, designs, and produces individual, highly precise motor elements within the framework of special conditions, such as for heavy-duty use in machine tools. Apart from precision and efficiency, robustness and the associated durability of our products play a vital role.

These are factors we achieve not only by delicate manual work but most of all by providing targeted engineering. We develop the ideal solution for your drive technology in close collaboration with you and keep to all specified boundary conditions.

In the process, we apply modern finite element calculation tools, which we constantly adapt to the particular ambient parameters to develop them further on the basis of the results from tests performed on numerous prototype motors.

It goes without saying that our asynchronous and synchronous motors are compatible with all common control and transformer systems. We take specific characteristics into account in the design process.

You Have the Idea for a Product,
We Develop the Component

The machine tool industry is faced with ever-changing customer requirements regarding precision, flexibility, speed, and, of course, costs. To launch new solutions on the market quickly, the machine tool engineering industry needs a strong partner like KESSLER.

We are dedicated to developing and producing assemblies ready for installation for new machines, to be able to provide everything you may need, from motors and spindles to complete axes.

We work together with you closely, from day one: we test your inquiry for the product's technical feasibility and develop a quotation design. If you opt for our suggestion during a joint development meeting, we will make you a detailed offer.

Your development engineers define installation and connection parameters and we supply the required batches, test them for correct functionality and prepare them ready for installation into your assembly facilities.

Professional Production Methods

Our production is geared towards producing almost any batch size flexibly and at a competitive price. Thanks to ample capacities and a comprehensive production range, we are also the right partner for large-scale projects.

Individual Series Products
If none of our series spindles match your requirements, we are able to adapt our spindle to your needs:

  • With or without rotary union
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic release unit
  • Circuit type

Our flexible production organization enables us to also produce small batch sizes with highly specific, individual characteristics.

Series Production of Series Spindles
Spindles and motors are series produced in a modern process applying the Kanban principle. This enables us to work quickly and cost-effectively.

Shafts/bearing assemblies are fitted in standardized processes in adherence to high quality standards. Balancing the basic spindle is performed on the production line as part of the fitting process. Customer-oriented equipment of spindles (with or without rotary union, pneumatic/hydraulic tool change, different sensor equipment) is performed upstream of the test run at the end of the assembly line.

System Assembly

Workpiece and tool axes, such as 2-axis heads, rotary table and rotary tilt table systems are fitted by a team of our highly qualified staff. Quality is assured by standardized tests during the assembly process.

The challenge during assembly of the highly complex, mechatronic systems is to ensure the correct function of all pneumatics, hydraulics, and the electrical power supply and sensors, as well as monitoring systems in all sub-processes. The final test includes electric safety tests and positioning and axis precision tests.

In-house Quality

Our customers value our quality and flexibility. We have the capacities to produce all components crucial to the quality of the overall product in-house. To relieve bottlenecks, we work together with a number of carefully selected suppliers, who we train and qualify. Do you have a specific requirement regarding quantity or deadline? No problem – we will do our best! 

Motor Production

We manually manufacture the coils for our stators and rotors in-house. This enables us to safeguard a consistent level of quality and this is also the only way we can guarantee a high degree of performance. We supply individual rotors and stators on request.

Parts Production

We provide different ranges for the production of:

  • Shafts
  • End shields
  • Bearing housings
  • Stators
  • Large-scale parts

We produce the majority of our demand ourselves on more than 200 modern CNC machine tools. This guarantees us a level of flexibility to individually react to your demands regarding the product and the deadline.

Each Component is Tested 100 %

You can rely on KESSLER quality. All purchased parts go through an incoming goods inspection, each motor and each spindle is tested in our test modules, each assembly we produce is checked for correct function.

Automated test methods form a significant part of the comprehensive final product inspection that we perform on all motor spindles and systems before they leave the factory gates.

In the process, we use coordinate measuring systems made by Leitz and Zeiss, and molding systems made by Hommel-Etamic. KESSLER quality assurance is performed as per ISO 9001:2015.

Our quality assurance will accompany your product from the initial design phase to final delivery of the series-produced part. This is the only way KESSLER spindles can demonstrate the maximum performance they are expected to.

You can rely on KESSLER quality assurance, even during start-up or process optimization – we are always here to actively support you.

Assemblies are Fully Checked for Correct Function

Assemblies we produced entirely are tested for correct function and sometimes even taken to their limits in our dedicated equipment or testing machines.