Kessler Spindle maintenance case

Spindle maintenance case SPINDLE MAINTENANCE CASE

The Kessler service kit includes everything you will need for spindle checks and maintenance – compatible with your SK-40/50- or HSK-63/80/100 spindle!

  • Plastic case with fittings
  • Torque wrench
  • Special tool M8x160
  • Different hexagons with T-grip
  • Collect chuck key
  • Open-ended spanner
  • Draw bolt
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Long (landscape) folder
  • Lubricating grease
  • Cone cleaner
  • Metaflux
  • Measuring tripod
  • Dial test indicator
  • Precision indicator  measuring gauge
  • Test mandrill
  • Depth gauge
  • Powercheck
  • Powercheck adapter Operating Instructions
Kessler Spindle maintenance case
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