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Fairs 2017

In 2017 we will also present a wide variety of possible solutions. Learn more about the latest technological developments in KESSLER motor spindles, swivelling spindle heads, rotary-swivel tables, energy efficient motors and drive systems. We are looking forward to your visit!

TIMTOS Taipei - Hall 3 - Booth G0536 / 07th – 12th March 2017

KESSLER will present the new Table line – with the new KESSLER HTMx torque motors series and implemented the COOLMOTION® technology - at the Taipei International Machine Tool Show in Taiwan. One of the highlights is also the all-rounder among KESSLER motor spindles V line, which is suitable for vertical machining. Furthermore KESSLER offers a concrete solution for 2-axis swivelling heads with aerospace-motor spindles: It provides a significant reduction of environmental costs with the use of standard converters.


CIMT Beijing - Booth W1-715 / 17th – 22nd April 2017

Visit us at the CIMT in Beijing, China's leading machine tool fair and the leading fair in the entire region of East Asia. The CIMT belongs to the four most important platforms in the machine tool industry.


METALLOOBRABOTKA Moscow - Hall 8.2 - Booth 8.2C14 / 15th – 19th May 2017

KESSLER will take part as an exhibitor for the fourth time in a row at the METALLOOBRABOTKA in Moscow, which is counted among the top ten of the machine building trade fairs.


EMO Hannover - Hall 25 - Booth D26 / 18th – 23rd September 2017

EMO is the leading fair of the international market with this year’s theme ‚Connecting systems for intelligent production‘. KESSLER will show application-oriented solutions and practical examples, including electronic components for Industry 4.0 and holistic systems. The expansion of the Spindle lines with a modular design as well as the further development of direct driven swivelling heads are central to our trade fair presence. Get yourself informed about the latest products – we would be pleased to develop optimal application models for you.


MECT Nagoya / 18th – 21st October 2017

The MECT, Mechatronics Technology in Japan, takes place every two years under the eyes of an international audience. KESSLER has a combined booth there with its sole partner Dynamic Tools.


SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg - Hall 3A - Booth 3A-410 / 28th – 30th November 2017

Further development of components for digitalization and networking of production, the provision of efficient technical solutions and systems are KESSLER’s core themes. Discuss your requirements for products with us.



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Achieving optimal results with energy-efficient motors: Innovative modifications to the motor components have enabled us to reduce the rotor and stator losses by 25%. COOLMOTION® technology reduces the heat input in the application completely to a minimum. The new generation of inverter-optimized COOLMOTION®-motors is based on a low-loss design and enhanced heat dissipation. COOLMOTION® technology is not only implemented in the installation-compatible HTM-, the torque-optimized HTMx and the high speed STMx-motors, but also provides very short acceleration times for KESSLER motor spindles and a compact design by performance-enhanced motors. COOLMOTION® for KESSLER rotary-swivel tables optimizes 5-axis simultaneous machining, provides maximum standstill torque and effects minimum heat input in the machine structure.

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SPS IPC Drives 2016 - Hall 3A - Booth 410

Banking on future-oriented technologies: The KESSLER Group has shown COOL MOTION®-high-torque motors and holistic systems on November 22nd - 24th, 2016 at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg (Germany). Energy-efficiency, robust design and individual configurations distinguish the new generation of torque motors with a maximum torque density. Furthermore KESSLER energy will assist you in the implementation of your direct drive concept, by providing a wide range of linear motors, customer-oriented and system solutions – in accordance with your individual application. At our booth 410 the complex interaction of components such as motor, converter, control system, battery and HMI has been demonstrated through a mobility application. Benefit now from the innovations that we have presented at the fair – e.g. from the newly developed linear motor series and electronic components for Industry 4.0. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth again next year!

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Fairs 2016

KESSLER can be met around the globe. Visit us at one of the forthcoming fairs and allow yourself to be inspired by our innovative solutions within the scope of motor spindles, swivelling spindle heads, rotary-swivel tables, rotary tables and drive technology. We are looking forward to your visit!

CCMT Shanghai – Booth N1-002 /  11th – 15th April 2016

Worldwide, China offers the greatest potential for the machine tool industry which underlines the importance of this biennially held exhibition. CCMT is one of the most important machine tool trade fairs in China. Come and meet us at the booth of the company METZNER, our long-term exclusive distributor.


SIMTOS Seoul - Hall 2 - Booth 02B780 /  13th - 17th April 2016

The biennially held SIMTOS is the most important machine tool fair in Korea. This year KESSLER is a first-time exhibitor at the booth of our newly announced exclusive distributor, the company ENA TRADING.


BIEMH Bilbao - Hall 1 - Booth A32-A38 / 30th May - 4th June 2016

The annually held BIEMH is the leading machine tool fair for the Spanish market. KESSLER has a combined booth there with REDEX-ANDANTEX, its partner for planetary gears.


IMTS Chicago – Booth S 8966 / 12th - 17th September 2016

The International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago is the largest in America. Visit us at our booth at McCormick Place, Chicago.


AMB Stuttgart - Hall 4 - Booth 4E18 /  13th – 17th September 2016

The International Exhibition in Stuttgart is one of the highly specialized exhibitions for metal processing. We look forward to welcoming you from 13-17 September at the AMB and to presenting our latest innovations and technologies.


JIMTOF Tokyo - Hall 2 - W2060 / 17th – 22nd November 2016

This biennially held International Machine Tool Fair is surely a “must see” event for the industry. KESSLER is showing its goods at the booth of its sole partner Dynamic Tools in Japan.


SPS IPC Drives Nürnberg - Hall 3A - Booth 410 / November 22nd - 24th November 2016

The SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading exhibition for electrical automation. At this annual fair KESSLER is demonstrating its leading position in the field of drive technology. Stay tuned and visit our booth at the SPS IPC Drives!

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AMB 2016 - Hall 4 - Booth 4E18

The AMB - International Exhibition for Metalworking - is the leading exhibition for the machine tool industry and ranks among the top 5 trade fairs worldwide. Every two years the Franz Kessler GmbH shows the latest developments live in Stuttgart. KESSLER offers an extensive standard program, on the other hand we are also able to meet your special requests. We have the expertise and capacity to develop with you together complete components. Visit us at the AMB and convince yourself.

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SPS IPC Drives 2015 - Hall 3A - Booth 231

The SPS IPC Drives is the exhibition for electric automation technology. It covers all components up to complete systems and integrated automation solutions. The KESSLER energy GmbH shows in Nuremberg innovative drive technology, from the standard motors over special motors to complete drive systems. With over 90-year experience in motor technology KESSLER designs and manufactures every range of performance according to customer requirements. Convince yourself and visit us in Hall 3A - Stand 231.

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