Kessler Torque motor


Integrate any direct drive into any environment

KESSLER energy GmbH operates within the KESSLER Group, using optimized assembly lines for the production of electrical drives.

KESSLER energy accompanies the product from the electrical and mechanical construction, to the numerical calculations using the finite element methods and analytical calculation programs to the testing, commissioning and parameter optimization of the end result. KESSLER motors meet the highest efficiency requirements.

The company also reinforces the drive technology expertise of the KESSLER Group in new application areas.

KESSLER energy Profile
  • Energy-efficient motors with top power density and degree of efficiency
  • Short delivery times (within 6 weeks for products up to size 530, in current series production and with fixed lot sizes)
  • Production at competitive prices for the global market
  • Standard motors with minimized construction height and cogging torque
  • Standard motors with 100% installation compatibility
  • Special motor assembly kits and motor assembly groups
    according to customer requirements
  • Standard motor sizes up to a diameter of 3 meters
  • Torque ripple less than 1%
  • Integration of any direct drive into any environment
  • Applications for very high torque (KESSLER HTM and HTMx series)
    and very high speed (KESSLER STMx series)
  • Application examples: direct drive for sport motorboats, renewable energy applications, automotive drives and plant engineering
Product Range
Standard Motors
  • Asynchronous motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Torque motors
  • Linear motors
Standard Motors
Special Motors
  • Asynchronous motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Torque motors
  • Linear motors
Special Motors
Direct drive systems
  • Integrated motor systems
    with bearings and measurement
    system according customer
Direct drive systems



Oliver Henle, CFO,

18. December, 2015

KESSLER-Group announces plans to establish an R&D centre and a manufacturing facility in Macedonia

To Whom it May Concern,

KESSLER is an independent German based family-owned group and is the world's leading independent supplier of major components for the machine tool industry. The group’s product portfolio focuses on solutions for electrical drives, spindles, directly driven swiveling spindle heads and tool axes, as well as special-purpose customized solutions. The group is headquartered in Bad Buchau, Germany, with a worldwide work-force of over 800 people.

We are pleased to announce the plans for a project in Macedonia of our group-entity KESSLER energy, who clusters our electrical drive solutions. The first phase will be to establish an R&D center, employing between 5 and 10 staff including highly skilled engineers, to strengthen our abilities to support our development work and serve customers with sophisticated electrical drive technology.

The planned second phase of the project will be to establish a manufacturing facility for electric motor components. The plan for this phase, which is currently under development, envisages increasing the employment numbers to between 20 and 50 staff in the mid term future. This second phase is subject to the success of the first phase and will be confirmed following the results of this phase.

“The KESSLER project in Macedonia is aligned with our growth strategy and our commitment to serve our customers by providing them with products of the highest quality and integrated solutions to meet their electrical drives requirements across the globe” said Patrick Trolliet, Managing Director, KESSLER energy GmbH.


Oliver Henle