Kessler Direct drive technology


Plug connectors for torque motors

Motor assembly and disassembly

  • Simple connection and disconnection during assembly/disassembly or when replacing cables
  • Ready-made connection cable
  • Trained electrician not required
  • Incorrect connection impossible i.e. time saved during assembly and disassembly

Construction design

  • Minimum space requirements
  • Optionally with or without sealing plate and with identical mating connector
  • Freely selectable cable outlet: right, left, radial or axial
  • No cable cable tension from bending radiuses
  • Only two mating connector sizes for all motor diameters from 210 to 990 mm
Kessler Plug connectors for torque motors
  • Impervious, resistant, robust against water, dust, emulsions
  • IP 67 tested
  • Very robust design
  • Vibration and shock-proof